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VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow MOD APK is the perfect way to edit videos on your mobile. It has all of the features you would want in a video editor, including trimming and editing clips out with ease! You can also add effects like a green screen so that it looks more professional or have fun applying filters for some extra excitement.
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VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow MOD APK is the perfect way to edit videos on your mobile. It has all of the features you would want in a video editor, including trimming and editing clips out with ease! You can also add effects like a green screen so that it looks more professional or have fun applying filters for some extra excitement.

Finding the best and free video editing application for Android smartphones is very hard. Some of them come with very limited features and we can’t fulfill our needs. Today we going to meet VN (VlogNow) video editing app with you. It is a really powerful editing tool that comes with lots of amazing and interesting features.

Sounds Good, Right?

VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow MOD APK provides all basic and advanced features on its editor interface. Like trim, paste, import media, apply stunning effects, green screen, and more. We cover all those features in detail on this page.

What does it do?

Here in VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow MOD APK, Android users will have themselves a fully featured video editor, which is fully capable of providing professional-looking footages, and your flashy videos for social media. Feel free to select any available footage on your mobile devices and start working with the available features in the app, as you enable interesting visual elements on it.

Have access to the simple and intuitive app UI, which would make it super easy for you to edit the footages. Make uses of the professional editing tools to create your incredible movies with all kinds of interesting effects. Try out the amazing collection of editing materials in VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow, which will allow you to quickly edit your content. Feel free to customize the background music and audio elements however you wanted.


When editing a video, you don’t need to worry about losing your originals. VN Video Editor mod apk will help you save original videos and drafts with different effects and sounds anytime you want. It also helps you find them easily when needed in your library in the future. It also helps your video have the most realistic HD video image quality, resolution, like capturing every most beautiful moment in life. When having VN Video Editor mod apk, sharing video is also easier and faster. Linking the web with today’s hot social networking sites, friends, family, and others helps VN Video Editor mod apk be able to share immediately.

What is VN Video Editor Pro MOD APK?

VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow MOD APK is a powerful and pro-level editing application for video. It offers countless features and tools that help you to edit your video like a pro. The app is very suitable for both beginners and professional users. This MOD APK is a pro unlocked and offers some extra interesting options for free.

Best Features of VN Video Editor

There are a couple of wondering features offered by VN Mod Apk. Here we going to discuss all the best features in detail. So, if you planning to install and use the app then need to know what you get in this application. Here it is.

1. Multi-Layer  Timeline

For easy-to-edit videos, the timeline helps us a lot. As flexibility is the timeline, easier to edit any video.VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow MOD APK provides us with the best and multi-layer timeline to edit your video. The Multi-Layer timeline helps you to add more media like images, short video PIP, Music, GIFs, and more.

You can easily adjust and place the media in the right position. You are able to zoom in and zoom out the timeline according to your needs. Easily drag, drop, cut, paste, delete video clips, and a lot more. Overall it gives you an amazing editing experience while editing your video on VN App.

2. Stunning Video Preset and Effects

VN video editor provides lots of pre-made videos presets that you can play and then import to your project. Personally, it is my favorite feature in this app. When you use the feature then you love this option. Now, the question is what it can do for you?

Basically, you can see lots of amazing pre-made editing designs that you can do the same thing with your video. It is very easy to do. Just you need to download the preset and then the app asked you which video you want to use for this project. Just you need to add your video clip and then the app automatically edits the video and it looks crazy.

The next thing is the video effects. Pretty much all the video editor offers lots of video effects that you can use on your video project. Here VN Video Editor Pro also keeps lots of movie effects and other effects. Definitely check all the effects and apply them to your video.

3. Use Chroma Key Green Screen

Chroma Key is a very advanced level of video editing. Actually, it helps you to perfectly remove the video background. Also, there are lots of green screen videos you can use on your video.

Basically, Chroma Key remove all the green part of your video and make it transparent. Now, you can add another image or video on this transparent part. In this way, you easily remove the video background.

4. Create Animation by Keyframe

Animation is very important to create a professional video. Now, there are lots of third-party apps are available for making animation like Enlight Pixaloop Pro. Thanks to VN Video Editor to provide the powerful keyframe to create pro-level Animation directly on your video. The keyframe is the best and easy way to make some stunning animation. So, definitely check it and use it for free.

5. Customize Music on Video Background & Voice Over

Another pretty useful feature is the music customize. Basically, you only can get some basic options to customize any sound or music. Like, adjust the volume of the music, cut, paste, and split. Then you can export the music and add it to your main video project.

Voice over is another pretty interesting option you can get on this app. Here you can directly record your voice on your video. So, if you are a video content creator then this option can be very helpful.

6. Stickers and Fonts

VN Video Editor does not contain lots of stickers or animated stickers in its library. But you can import your stickers on the app and then use them on your project. Some Emojis are available in the sticker library.

Adding Text to the video is a very basic thing and VN App also allows you to add a Subtitle to your video. You get some beautiful preset and text fonts to give a stunning look to your text.

7. Easy to Share your Project

If you are a video editor or freelancer and want to share the complete VN project with any user then you can do it easily. It provides a hassle-free project sharing option. Sometimes we need this option and this app already supports the sharing project feature.

8. Ads-Free UI and No Watermark

You may know that the free version of VN contains annoying ads which are also very irritating. But our VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow MOD APK contains no ads on its interface. So, you can easily work and edit videos without disturbing ads.

Another thing is the watermark on the edited video. If the video contains a watermark then it does not look professional. Right? But if you use our Mod Apk, you can easily produce or export video without a watermark easily.

Final verdicts

Get ready to engage yourself in this simple yet fully functional video editor app from VN, which will allow you to freely edit your videos without any troubles. Feel free to select any available footage from your mobile devices and start making use of the professional tools to have them properly edited.



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